Eating Local San Diego

About the project

Growing up in Ramona, I have been surrounded by agriculture for my whole life. After completing the "Sow What?" Girl Scout Senior journey in the Fall of 2019, I knew that I wanted my Gold Award to be surrounding the issue of food and its relation to the environment. The journey helped me learn about the environmental benefits of eating locally grown and seasonal food. After completing the journey, I was compelled to find local farm stands to support in my community, however, I was surprised to find that there weren't any comprehensive consumer-focused websites or resources online for the San Diego County area. Many members of my community are often left confused when looking for where to begin on their journey to eating more locally-grown food. This was the spark that led me to create Eating Local San Diego.

My vision for this project is to create an all-encompassing resource that anyone anywhere in San Diego County can use to find out where they can find locally grown produce near them. On my website you will find an abundance of resources, ranging from pamphlets available for printing and distribution, lists of local farmers' markets and farm stands for each region in San Diego county, blog posts on different aspects of sustainability, and more! In addition to the many resources available on this website, I have also created a YouTube channel with the hope of creating videos to go along with nearly every blog post on this website. In tandem with my YouTube videos and other resources, I also have a Facebook and Instagram page that I will post information and updates about my project on.

If you find anything on my website or any of my resources that you think needs thorough updating, please email me at eatinglocalsd@gmail.com

About Nicole

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am an Ambassador Girl Scout from Ramona, California. I have been a Girl Scout for nearly twelve years, beginning when I was in kindergarten. In the years since I have completed my Bronze and Silver Awards, traveled with my troop, served on Girl Scouts San Diego's National Delegate Team, been named an Emerging Leader for 2020 and 2021, and formed a girl-led environmental advocacy group. Since my early years in Girl Scouts, I have known that I wanted to pursue my Gold Award. Beginning in May of 2020, I embarked on this project, Eating Local San Diego, which you can read about above.

Outside of Girl Scouts, I enjoy spending time outdoors, listening to podcasts, hanging out with my friends, and planning my next great adventure.