East County

Healing From the Ground Up

City: Alpine

Address: 450 Summerhill CT

Email: farmer@farmatblueskyranch.com

Phone Number: (619) 715-7143

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Healing From the Ground Up is located in Valley Center, California. The farm offers a wonderful CSA program, and encourages their members to tour their farm to get a feel for where their food is coming from! In their CSA box, members will find a variety of fresh fruits and veggies grown on the farm.

Jared's Real Food

City: Lakeside

Address: 11106 Moreno Ave

Email: jaredsrealfoodsd@gmail.com

Phone Number: (619) 403-4639

Instagram Website

Jared's Real Food is a small farm located in Lakeside, California. The farm emphasizes their holistic, regenerative, earth-friendly farming practices that produce better tasting food, and more healthy-soil. Offerings at the farm include fruits and vegetables, which can be purchased through the farm's CSA program or at one of their pop-up farm stands!

The Grateful Farm

City: Jamul

Email: thegratefulfarm@gmail.com

Phone Number: (619) 467-7373

Facebook Website

The Grateful Farm is a small farm in Jamul, California. The farm is family-owned, and all produce offered by the farm is hand picked by hand. The farm emphasizes the importance of building up the soil that they plant on, not using any GMOs or herbicides, and growing produce according to the season. The farm's offerings include vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit, all of which can be purchased through the farm's CSA program or at their farm stand.