About Farmers Markets, and Why They are Important

By: Nicole Curristan

While there are many ways to acquire locally grown produce, shopping at a farmers’ market may just be the easiest option. Farmers’ markets present a unique opportunity to both connect with your local farmers and to buy delicious, locally grown food. Thanks in part to the year-round wonderful weather in San Diego county, nearly all farmers’ markets are open year-round, with adjusted hours for the winter months.

Farmers’ markets are the best way to support a multitude of different types of merchants in your community such as creatives, artisans, and farmers. In addition to selling produce, many markets offer handmade items by artisans, flowers, baked goods, spices, and more! You may also encounter live music or other entertainment options while picking out your produce.

There are currently 36 weekly farmers’ markets in San Diego County, ranging from the Little Italy Mercado to the Santa Ysabel Certified Farmers’ Market. Supporting these vital markets keeps your money in your community, which in turn creates a stronger, mutually-beneficial local economy.

Looking for a farmers market in your area? Check out our map here!